1. Korinther 12,27

"Ihr aber seid Christi Leib und, einzeln genommen, Glieder"


Im Folgenden werden Dienste aufgeführt mit denen wir direkt verbunden sind oder uns eng verbunden fühlen.


Warm invitation and encouragement from our friends from GPC for intercessors worldwide!


Through the Jewish calendar and the biblical feasts, the Lord provides a deeply meaningful and precious opportunity for both the Jewish people and the body of Christ to humble ourselves before Him - the creator, judge and redeemer. As GPC, we want to invite you to use this opportunity personally as well as in your priestly calling as you reflect – as a representative of the royal priesthood (1 Pet 2,9) - on the relationship between your nation and Israel. In this unique season of world events, let us put these 10 days of awe to effective use in 2020! Let us use this opportunity to reflect, research and repent for our nations as an expression of the global intercessory body of Christ and ask for HIS redemption and forgiveness for the failings of our nations in their relationship with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel - past and present.


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